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The Campus Elections Team

The Campus Elections Team is the committee that manages the campus elections process. This includes a Student Activities Advisor from Student Unions and Activities, one student employee from Student Unions and Activities, and Election Liaisons who represent an organization utilizing Campus Elections.

Using Campus Elections

Any registered student group, college board, or recognized student government association can facilitate their elections or poll through Campus Elections. By using Campus Elections for your elections, you promise to those represented and impacted by your group that their voice matters, and their leadership represents them. By requesting a poll, you ask for members of the student body to share their opinions. 

If you have questions about your election or poll, please contact the Campus Elections Team at [email protected]

Please be aware that language in the election rules changed. The term “Referendum” is being replaced by “Poll”. The process and expectations surrounding referenda/polls remains the same.

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Steps for Poll Request

  1. Complete and submit the Poll Request Form, linked here: Poll Request Form

  2. The Campus Elections Team will reach out to the form submitter to further discuss the poll. They will establish a primary contact for your student group. The Campus Elections Team may also have you revise the language of the poll for clarity. Remember that a poll must be a single, yes-no question that addresses one topic.

  3. Once your group has met with the the Campus Elections Team, the Commission will give you a digital signature endorsement form. You must collect 1000 signatures from currently-enrolled U of M students (name, Internet ID, signature, date).

  4. Once the Campus Elections Team confirms that the minimum signature requirement has been met, the poll sponsor may send at least two officers, or their designees, to an open forum for the public to discuss the poll. The Campus Elections Team will determine logistics with the poll sponsor, and will promote the event no later than one week before Voting opens.

  5. Only after all poll requirements have been met (as specified in Chapter 3 of the All-Campus Election Rules) will a poll be certified by the Campus Elections Team to appear on the All-Campus Elections ballot.

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Steps for Voting Requests

1. Contact [email protected] for details.

2. The Campus Elections Team will reach out to you to schedule a meeting to discuss your voting request.

Please bring to this meeting:

  • A copy of your group’s constitution and by-laws
  • One member of your organization who can serve as an Elections Liaison (i.e., not running for election, no perceived or actual conflict of interest) on the Campus Elections Team.
  • An officer of the group

3. After the meeting, the Campus Elections Team will set up all the necessary forms and documents for your election.